Meruzy company was established in 2018.

With growing success over the years, through our website and Amazon presence, the company has naturally expanded. Now Meruzy boasts a production facility of over 10,000 square feet based within our rural 3 acre site and is now home to 12 full-time members of staff.

Recent financial investment has allowed our production facilities to grow to include a fully-automatic Powder Coating line, CNC Laser Cutting and fully automated steel folding machine. 

As our production facilities have grown, so has our product range, to Decorative Garden features and Home Decor items and a large collection of Power Tool and Workshop Storage solutions.

We recognize the long term investment you’re making when choosing our products, and how important your decision is.

Shopping online can be scary. The company could be fake, the items might be different than described, product could be damaged in shipping or you could be charged hidden fees. WE ARE DIFFERENT.

I take our reputation serious! We re-ship damaged material for free, we aim for 5 star reviews, we don’t have any hidden fees.

We are continuously developing and testing brand new products - All of which are designed and manufactured right here in the China.

Customer Service:

One of the things our customers love about our store is the unrivaled customer service that we are available always to attend to visitors' inquiries. All you need to do is get in touch, and we will handle any issues you might have promptly.

Special Deals:

We value our customers, and we are always looking for new ways to reward them for their patronage. This is why we give our customers exclusive deals they can't find elsewhere. Our goal is to provide excellent service to our customers so they can recommend us to friends and family.

Customer Satisfaction:

We are aware that our customers are the driving force behind our business, and are always ready to go out of our way to exceed their expectation with every product they purchase from our store. We believe we can turn our store's visitors into not just customers but raving fans.

You can take advantage of our amazing products and great services right away by first browsing through our various categories and collection.