Pergola T Brackets Hardware for 4 x 4 Lumber | 2pcs |
Pergola T Brackets Hardware for 4 x 4 Lumber | 2pcs |
Pergola T Brackets Hardware for 4 x 4 Lumber | 2pcs |
Pergola T Brackets Hardware for 4 x 4 Lumber | 2pcs |
Pergola T Brackets Hardware for 4 x 4 Lumber | 2pcs |
Pergola T Brackets Hardware for 4 x 4 Lumber | 2pcs |

Pergola T Brackets Hardware for 4 x 4 Lumber | 2pcs |

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  • Build with Confidence: The Meruzy pergola brackets are essential for building a stable construction that will last for years to come. These brackets are durable and reliable, providing better stability for wooden construction projects at home or in the industrial and commercial sectors.
  • Everything You Need: Our pergola kit includes 2-pcs of 4 x 4, 3-way T brackets, as well as 28 screws, offering you in one package everything you need for building and stabilizing the pergola.
  • Superior Quality Materials: The pergola brackets 4 x 4 are made with high-quality 304 stainless steel, which is corrosion-proof, rust-resistant, durable and strong, built to pass any resistance test. The metal brackets are very hard to deform, as well as wear and weather-resistant.
  • Enhanced Stability: These 3-way T brackets are designed to increase the stability of your construction even in bad weather, storms, or winds. The base brackets feature a reliable box design with a flat side that ensures superior stability on any time of terrain.
  • Wide Range of Applications: The Meruzy outdoor pergola brackets can be used for a wide range of construction including gazebos, pergolas for patios, sheds, garden furniture, wooden structures in the garden, home, balcony, courtyard, and other frameworks.
  • Please note the actual open size is 3.54"/ 90mm. Fits 4×4 dry wood.

Installation tips:

Pergola Construction Bracket Kit
Using this kit you will be able to construct a Pergola using 8 pieces 4" x 4"of wood
Simply position the wood how it is needed and screw the Meruzy bracket onto the outside of the wood to secure it.

Fits 4×4 (Actual: 3.5x3.5 Inch) dry wood.
Update Open size is 3.6" Not need to shave wood post.
  • Allows for simple construction of Pergolas.
  • Powdercoated in black for a premium and clean finish.
  • 7mm holes across the product. Suitable for use with our Screws.
  • "Staggered" holes to ensure that the screws do not cross over or collide within the wood.
  • The update actual open size is 3.6"/ 91.5mm. Fits 4×4 (Actual: 3.5x3.5 Inch) dry wood.Not need to shave wood post.

Fixed to the ground
Bolt or Screw the Meruzy Post Base to the ground Using the 4 screw holes provided
Push the wood down as far as it will go
Push the wood down as far as it will go. We recommend drilling small holes where the screws will be to allow the beam to sit flush.
Update Open size is 3.6" Not need to shave wood post.
Adjust vertical
Screw the wood to the bracket using the Three holes on each side of the post base.
Top bracket connection
Ensure that the upright post touches the top of the Meruzy Pergola Bracket.
Beams connection
Push both of the horizontal beams flush with the upright.
Tighten the screws
Screw the bracket to the wood externally. At the same time, you can tighten the stainless steel hook of the sunshade specially designed by us.


Meruzy is a brand focused on providing practical and affordable hardware and accessories that will impress with superior durability and reliable use. That is why we work only with high-quality materials from reliable suppliers and effective designs, to offer you a wide range of products whose purpose is to help build stable constructions that will last for years to come. If you are not 100% pleased with your purchase, we are always at your disposal for any issues or concerns.

Pergola Bracket Kit – All You Need for Your Pergola in One Pack

The pergola kit includes 4 x 4 corner brackets and base brackets, together with screws and bolts to help you build up a stable construction in your home, garden or patio. Our pergola brackets are made with durable 304 stainless steel that ensures long-lasting use and excellent resistance against corrosion, rust or wear, so you can count on these brackets at any time. With our brackets, building a pergola, gazebo, patio furniture or a shed is so much easier and safer, perfect to create a cozy retreat for your gatherings with family and friends.

Still not convinced? Here are some of the amazing features of this product:
• Hard to deform or break;
• Provides support and stability;
• Durable stainless steel;
• Rust and corrosion-proof;
• Wear and weather-resistant;
• Easy installation;
• Pre-drilled holes for easy installation;
• Suitable for pergolas, gazebos, sheds, patio or garden furniture, swings, wooden constructions and more;

The complete pergola kit includes:
• 4 x 3-way corner brackets
• 28 x screws
• 16 x Hanging anchor
Build a cozy place to retreat with your loved ones with the help of our pergola brackets!